Mental Health

For about two years I’ve been using my social media to focus on the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, especially OCD.

The first video on my YouTube channel, minus the Taylor swift one two years prior, was about my OCD experience. It’s a 12 minute video that you can watch here:
So since then, I’ve been more vocal about OCD and other mental health issues, both ones I’ve suffered from and tried to share the stories on twitter and Instagram for ones I don’t suffer from. I want to be able to help as many people as I can and there’s nothing that makes me feel happier than someone saying I’ve helped them.

Talking about mental health is so important and we need to try break the stigma because there’s so many misconceptions flying about. People fear talking about mental health because they’re scared of being judged because people throw the terms ‘attention seeker’ and ‘crazy’ too much when anyone talks about their mental health