NEW VIDEO: How to Cope with Panic Attacks

So today’s video is another mental health related video and it’s about coping with panic attacks, if you couldn’t already tell from the title.

Why now?

So, recently I went to Disneyland Paris and posted A LOT on instagram but what I didn’t actually post about was that I had a panic attack on my last day. Panic attacks always come out of the blue, for me at least, but this one was so unexpected because I haven’t had a major panic attack in months and because of that I actually struggled to cope with it. This is why I wanted to make this video because whether its your first panic attack or you 100th panic attack, it can still be scary and unexpected and in the moment you don’t really know what to do. This video is both a reminder for other people and myself on simple ways to just help get your panic attack under control.

I hope you like this video and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me 🙂



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